Owl Pellet Dissection and Owl Information For Kids

Owl information for kids should be entertaining and engaging, which is why we offer a host of facts about owls and other animals in the ecosystem such as wolves, bears, and more. No matter if you are a teacher, parent, or an activity coordinator with a local park or nature preserve, KidWings provides the resources you need for owl pellet dissection and animal science education.

We make it simple and fun to bring animal science into the classroom and home. To do so, we promote hands-on learning through our videos, guides, and of course, our owl pellet dissection kits.

From Pups to Packs

The subject of mythology, fables, and fairy tales, no predator is as controversial as the wolf! Learn about their history, the obstacles they face, and why they are essential! Venture over to Kindwings Explores: Wolves, From Pups to Packs!

Kidwings Explores Barn Owls: Habitat, Habits, & Prey

Learn about the mysteries of barn owls, where they live, their peculiar behavior, their diverse diet, and how owl pellets can bring any classroom to life!

Virtual Owl Pellet

An exciting activity for all ages and a great answer to tight budgets. Whether you’re a teacher assigning this as homework or find us on the web, the Virtual Owl Pellet Dissection is a fun 5 to 10 minute exercise!

Finding Funding Grant

Did you know that each year companies give tens of thousands of dollars away to science and math teachers?  They know that our future doctors, scientists, and technology professionals rely on our ability to teach science in an affordable fashion. Click here to learn how Kidwings and partners are helping!

Up in the Air with Raptors

Learn fascinating information about owls and other raptors who perform vital natural management of their ecology.

Bird Topography

​​Learn about the external features of a bird’s anatomy such as feather tracts, and more.

Hibernation to Huckleberries

Bears, numbering 8 species with several subspecies, play an essential role in the health of earth’s ecosystems. Check out Hibernation to Huckleberries under Kidwings Explores: Bears!

Good Owl Companies

If you’re interested in teaching science, these companies not only have the Good Owl stamp of recommendation but are also innovative, inspiring, and will serve you with excellence. That’s why they’re Good Owl Companies!

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