Good Owl Companies

What is a Good Owl Company?

When you see the Good Owl logo, you can trust that this company is of the highest caliber and quality. The Good Owl stamp of approval is given to businesses who not only serve customers when they order products or services but in between through community engagement, partnering with other companies to improve educational outcomes, and of course, participating in the Kidwings Finding Funding Grant.

Why is one in color and one not?

There’s no Bad Owl Company listed here but if there were, it would look like this, and by my observation, that’s still pretty cool. There are, however, two levels of Good Owl Companies. If you see the black and white logo, you know they come highly recommended. If you see the colorful logo, it’s a sign that this company not only has the highest recommendation but also participates in the Kidwings Finding Funding Grant.

Together, we can make this world a good experience for all!

Look for the logo and submit your recommendation of an experience you’ve had with a potential Good Owl Company at our Facebook page. We’ll consider your submission and even follow up to inform them of your good words.