1. Introduction to Birds

Learn about the unique qualities and characteristics of the avian world. You’ll want to start your journey with this brief introduction! Let’s assume that bird life begins with the egg. The egg is a fascinating thing!  It protects a developing chick in remarkable ways. Here you can look at eggs from different species, see how a chick develops inside the eggs, and learn some amazing egg facts.

 View Bird Eggs

Browse through these bird eggs.  Click on a species below to see a picture of their egg.  All of the pictures are labeled in millimeters.

Egg Development

The images below illustrate the development of a typical egg. Look closely at all of the characteristics of the egg. It’s remarkable!


Egg Day 1


Egg – Day 4

Below are a selection of bird eggs. They are to scale so that you can compare sizes, colors, and even shapes! No two ovals are created equally!


Download the egg worksheet