12. Meet other Apex Predators

10270733_10203901626807030_7746857159200329189_nOwls, a large part of our focus at Kidwings, are just one of many iconic predators throughout the world. To understand how important predators are to our world, it is important to understand their biology, habits, their habitat, and the impact they have on healthy and unhealthy ecosystems. We know that conserving barn owls, for example, can lead to greater stewardship of resources in farming practices. Similarly, conserving and protecting other predator species, Apex Predators, can lead to greater stewardship of the planet’s resources.

10415596_515467628559568_5709476388925998016_nComing this Fall, Kidwings visitors will be greeted by the 12 Dens of Knowledge: The Biology of Wolves. Together with the Wolf Education & Research Center and authors of Running for Home, Gail McDiarmid and Marilyn McGee, our goal is to present 12 fun and interactive modules of learning that will inspire our students, young and old, toward a greater understanding of the wilderness and how to leverage our education toward a healthier future. 

Coming Soon. See you in the Fall 2014.