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A California comeback for the bald eagle?

A mating pair of bald eagles is the first to be discovered on San Clemente Island since eagle restoration efforts began. The national symbol disappeared from California’s Channel Islands in the 1960s.



240a5ada-c207-432c-83eb-4d39a5f49d9e-620x372Chris Packham’s guide to Britain’s nocturnal creatures

The BBC presenter and naturalist on observing owls, foxes, bats, moths and hedgehogs in their habitats. “We are diurnal animals: we’re awake during the day, but as light fades so does our vision and we hide away indoors where we’re safe. Nocturnal creatures are therefore the stuff of mystery and folklore – enigmatic species that we rarely see.”


Owl_Pellet-300x234 (1)Owl Pellets: Down the Hatch and Back Again

“She’s so cute!” a little girl coos to the snowy white owl. The owl blinks languidly, ignoring her admirer. No doubt she is used to human attention, as she is one of the more popular raptors housed at the Vermont Institute of Natural Science Nature Center (VINS) in Quechee, Vermont. She likewise ignores the decapitated rat in her food bowl, chirruping softly as if dissatisfied with what’s on the menu. I wait patiently, hoping to witness the moment when she gulps it down.

Barn Owls – A Carolrhoda Nature Watch Bookbarn-owls_small

This book gives a brief overview of the barn owls physical characteristics, habits and habitat. Follow a pair of barn owls through courtship, mating, and raising their young. The direct text and open format will encourage young readers, but the spectacular full-color photographs will attract nature enthusiasts of all ages. 48 pages. Ages 8 to 11



Eagles, Hawks, Falcons, & Owls of America Coloring Album 

Artwork by Donald L. Malick, Text by Frances Hamerstrom and forward by Roger Tory Peterson. This coloring album is designed to acquaint you with most of the predatory birds (raptors) of North America. It is a series of personal vignettes based upon decades of intimate observations by the artist and author. The coloring album includes 48 pages of predatory birds to color along with finished examples for your students.




Book of North American Owls

This 64-page book looks at twenty-one species of North American owls. The author includes chapters on their predatory skills, their courtship rituals, owl babies, and the future prospects for owls. The second half of the book devotes a page to each of the North American owls with watercolor illustrations and a map showing its range. There is a list of owls by family, genus and species, a bibliography, and an index. Grades 4 to 7.