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Everyone should experience the fun and discovery of dissecting an owl pellet. With our online owl pellet dissection, kids and adults alike can dissect a virtual pellet and learn many of the bones found inside a real pellet. Assemble rodent skeletons and collect other owl pellet information in a fun online game!

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Kidwings Explores is an online source of written information and short films intended to be used as a launchpad for discussion in the classroom. Whether you direct your science teachers, teaching assistants, or students to these pages, they are created to elevate your classroom with additional information to inspire our students.

Online Labs

Launch your classroom discussion here with the Kidwings Explores Owls, Bears, Wolves, and more. Focused on habitat, habits, and prey, it’s the perfect complement to all levels of K-12 animal science education.

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Connect your students to nature when you introduce owl pellet dissection to your classroom or learning environment. Get students face to face with nature. Owl pellet dissection is an exciting part of connecting your students to nature.

A Resource for Teaching About Birds of Prey & Other Carnivores is a resource site founded by wildlife and nature enthusiast Jody Hildreth of New York State. Jody’s passion included teaching children about the remarkable lives of birds and their biology and physiology. Owl Brand Discovery Kits purchased from Jody to not only expand on his vision but to invest in further resources for science teachers around the world. From a Virtual Owl Pellet to information about bird eggs to learning about other carnivores, Kidwings is a place to learn. Best of all, it’s free to anyone, thanks to the folks at Owl Brand Discovery Kits.

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