Good Owl Companies

What is a Good Owl Company?

Good Owl Companies are of the highest caliber and quality. We offer two Good Owl recommendations, given to companies who serve customers with excellence and who cultivate their community engagement by partnering with other companies through our Kidwings Finding Funding Grant. Below are our suggestions. If you have had a great experience, share it with us by writing to! .

The concept of OMSI was born more than 100 years ago in the mind of a famed naturalist, John Cyprian Stevens. In 1896, after visiting a temporary exhibition of natural history specimens at city hall, he challenged his Portland audience to provide a permanent site for the exhibition of Oregon’s rich natural resources. On October 24, 1992, the new 219,000 square-foot OMSI opened. In 1994, OMSI opened the USS Blueback for public tours, providing a unique look at the people, history, and technology associated with the last non-nuclear powered submarine built by the U.S. Navy. OMSI has continued to grow over the years and currently has five exhibit halls with hundreds of interactive exhibits and displays. Today, the museum serves over 1 million visitors at the museum and through off-site education programs.


Ward’s Science provides innovative science supplies and services for teachers in all science disciplines across grades K‐14. We focus on the details that make teachers’ lives easier, so they have more time to inspire their students to connect with science and with the real world. With unique products that are developed by in‐house scientists and former educators, standards‐based activities organized to meet teachers’ needs, cutting‐edge digital science resources, and personalized technical support, Ward’s Science provides teachers with the tools they need to turn science lessons into science connections.


Acorn Naturalists offers innovative resources for science and environmental education. These resources include educational kits and games, activity guides, animal replicas and models, animal track, scat, feather and fur replicas, magnifiers and display cases, insect and aquatic nets, water quality and soil test kits, and many more unique resources for the trail and classroom.


Owl Brand Discovery Kits is one of the leading developers of the owl pellet dissection product line. Always innovating, creative and generous with their resources, they also introduced the Finding Funding Grant for Teachers & Students, giving away more than 20 grants to teachers across the US and Canada. Owl Brand has procured, sterilized, and sold more than 5 Million barn owl pellets since 1996. Today, they enjoy a stellar reputation and are the principle support behind Kidwings and its development. One more remarkable way of creating value for teachers and our students.


Nature-Watch provides educational nature products and craft activity kits designed to teach children about nature. Since 1987 Nature-Watch has provided environmental science curriculum and nature craft projects to thousands of schools, camps, museums, nature centers, park and recreation programs, zoos, libraries, after-school programs, scouts and many others.


The Museum of Science anarim-msilogod Industry, Chicago (MSI), the largest science center in the Western Hemisphere, is home to more than 35,000 artifacts and nearly 14 acres of hands-on experiences designed to spark scientific inquiry and creativity. Since opening their doors in 1933, they’ve welcomed more than 180 million guests from around the world.


WERC’s mission is to provide the highest quality captive animal care and education possible and inspire greater public tolerance toward apex predators. We engage the public to support sustainable relationships with nature to become a social norm.Our vision is a growing community who work toward a more sustainable relationship with nature.