Award Winners

Did You Know…

that each year companies across the United States and Canada give hundreds of thousands of dollars away to science and math teachers? They know that our future doctors, scientists, and technology professionals rely on our ability to teach science in an affordable fashion.

Kidwings chooses two recipients monthly based on the qualities of the requests. Your responses actually help our education partners improve our products based on the answers provided. The first runner-up will receive an Owl Brand Discovery Kits and Wolf Education & Research Center grant of the $50 and 18×24 Laminated Owls of the World and Wolf Species 6 poster set. The Finding Funding Grant winner will receive the items as described to the right.

Request are evaluated by expression of need, creativity, and the investment in outcomes. The Kidwings Finding Grant is underwritten by Owl Brand Discovery Kits, Nature-Watch, the Wolf Education & Research Center, Wards Science, and other companies who we approach to help your classrooms.

The Kidwings Finding Funding Grant is presently valued at over $180 from the following companies:

  • Wards Science $50 in the catalog
  • Nature-Watch $25 at the website
  • Owl Brand Discovery Kits $50 at website & Kidwings Explores Owls 5 Poster Set
  • Wolf Education & Research Center Arctic Wolf Poster 18×24 Laminated Poster

What You Should Know…

Who qualifies?

Any teacher at a domestic United States and Canada public, private, or homeschool, science camp, youth group, or verifiable organization qualifies to submit a request for Finding Funding Grant.
When is the grant awarded? Grants are awarded monthly and upon special consideration. You should always apply!

When is a grant awarded?

Grants are awarded monthly and upon request at our discretion.

What are the terms?
  • Every inquiry or solicitation will be directed to the online grant application
  • Submission must come from a teacher or group leader conducting the activity
  • Candidate must agree to participate in social media and press release promotions
  • Candidate must agree to application responses to be used for press release
  • Winning candidate agrees to provide digital photographs upon completion of the exercise
  • Winning candidate agrees to pay actual shipping based on product selection
  • Is the grant winner eligible to win more than once? Every Kidwings Finding Funding Grant winner is eligible to enter annually.
  • Everyone’s a winner with Kidwings! Even if you don’t win one of the two monthly awards, everyone wins with Kidwings by downloading free resources and by entering the Kidwings10 discount at checkout at Owl Brand Discovery Kits.
Can an award be awarded more than once?

The kidwings finding funding grant can be reapplied for annually.